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Bonrix SMPP Gateway is complete solution for bulk messaging.
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Bonrix SMPP Client
- Bonrix SMPP Client is Java Desktop Application to send SMS to SMSC[SMPP Gateway.]
- This application supports SMPPv3.3 and SMPPv3.4
- It can create multiple connection with SMPP gateway[Multi-Threaded].
- It stores Delivery Reports in MySQL database if SMPP gateway provides it.
- User can send instant message, upload csv/excel/text files and from directories.
- It has support of HTTP API. So it can accept SMS submission from any third party into directories from which SMS will be sent to SMPP gateway.
- It is also integrated with high speed messaging solution called Apache ActiveMQ. User can send SMS to ActiveMQ queues. Which will create SMS files in directory and sent to SMPP gateway.
Bonrix SMPP Gateway
- Bonrix SMPP Gateway is a J2EE web application.
- It supports SMPPv3.3 and SMPPv3.4
- Clients can connect to it by TCP-IP or can directly do request to an HTTP API.
- It has Administrative web interface to manage users and SMS termination settings.
- We can allow users to have credit and validity based or TPS(Transaction Per Second) access to the gateway.
- It has three types of SMS termination mechanism
   1) Drop SMS to our predefined directories.
   2) Submit SMS to high performance messaging server [Apache Active MQ Server 5.x(Free software)]
   3) Directly forward SMS to third party HTTP API.
- In backend for storing information it uses MySQL and Mongo DB as database servers. Both are freely available.
- It can be deployed on any java application server.
    For ex: Apache Tomcat , Jetty, JBoss, etc.

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